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TÜV Austria

  German supply chain act
came into effect on
1 january 2023

German supply chain act

The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) has been
in force since the beginning of 2023. Companies with
3.000 or more employees must evaluate compliance
with environmental and human rights in their supply
chains (Section 1 LkSG). These obligations encompass
not only a company's operation but also extend to its
direct suppliers.

  Who we are

CLAYSTON cooperates with TÜV AUSTRIA to implement the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)
requirements. With our two-vison approach, we can ensure that companies' suppliers respect human rights and
protect the environment. We do this by looking twice: first on-site at the suppliers and second in the company itself.

Through TÜV Austria's close-knit network, we inspect production facilities and companies across industries
in the Asia-Africa region. Inspections cover compliance with organizational structures, human rights, and
environmental standards. TÜV Austria has over 100 years of experience in testing, inspection, certification,
conformity assessment, industry services and training.

CLAYSTON provides extensive legal and strategic advice to suppliers and companies on a wide range of
issues, co-inspects the suppliers. This can include, for example, advice on contractual issues or support
in conflict management. CLAYSTON has expert knowledge in corporate and commercial law, contract law,
and international business law. The firm is internationally recognized and operates offices in 24 countries.

  Our offer
subject companies

offer for subject companies


We are advising on compliance with the act.
We help companies understand the requirements
of the law and develop a compliance plan.

Risk Assessment

We are conducting a risk assessment. We help
companies identify and assess human rights risks
and environmental violations in their supply chain.

Due Diligence

We are developing and implementing due diligence
measures. We help companies develop and implement
measures to prevent or mitigate these risks.


We are establishing a grievance mechanism. We help
companies develop a grievance tool for workers to
report violations.


We are providing training to employees. We provide
training to employees on the requirements of the law
and how to implement due diligence measures.

  Our offer
for suppliers

offer for suppliers

Survey & Inspection

We send a survey and identify risks.
We inspect and assess the severity of risks.


We can suggest taking appropriate action to
mitigate the risks, including a whistle-blower
system. We can provide training on human
rights and environmental standards.
We can work with the supplier to develop
and implement corrective action plans


TÜV issues a certification that the supplier is
compliant in specific fields, f.e. work safety

Audits & Visits

We can audit and visit manufacturers and
production facilities. TÜV Austria’s focus is
Asia and Africa, but audits can be carried out


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Practice Guide
German Supply Chain Act

legal duties and what
you can do now.

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Dr. Thomas Wülfing

Dr. Thomas Wülfing

Partner Clayston Legal
Specialist Lawyer
Commercial and
Corporate Law

Burcu Celebi

Burcu Celebi

TÜV Austria Group
Global Product Manager
Sustainability & Water
Related Engineering

Dr. Benjamin Knebel

Dr. Benjamin Knebel

Expert of
Compliance and White
Collar Crime

Koray Dagdeviren

Koray Dagdeviren

Expert of
Cross Border Cases

Prof. Dr. Kamran Rezaie

Prof. Dr. Kamran Rezaie

CEO at Monitoring
& Conformity
Partner of TÜV Austria

Dr. Mohsen Aghabegloo

Dr. Mohsen Aghabegloo

Cert. TÜV AUSTRIA Auditor
Specialist Industrial Engineer
in risk management and
and sustainability evaluation


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